Tommy's Stamp


Country music legend Tommy Hunter unveils his stamp

Canada’s Country Gentleman, Tommy Hunter, was one of five Canadian country music artists to be commemorated on a stamp series issued in the summer of 2014.

The official unveiling of the Tommy Hunter stamp took place Thursday July 31st at the Canada Post Outlet in the London Business Centre in London Ontario, which is well known as his home town. Mr. Hunter was joined by Canada Post representatives to do the unveiling of his stamp in a special ceremony. The event was also attended by close friends, fans and family members including his son and two of his grandchildren.

In his remarks Mr. Hunter said: “This is indeed a great honour for me to be recognized in this manner. I can’t begin to tell you what a big thrill this is”.

He then went on to share an amusing story with those in attendance at the ceremony about back in 1959 when his radio show was chosen to replace another radio show that had been on the air for 29 years entitled “The Happy Gang”, and his own mother wrote to the network complaining that her favorite show had been taken off the air.

“So if my mother were still alive to say, I would have to reassure her that me being on this stamp is only temporary, and that Her Majesty will soon be back on there” he quipped.

The new stamp series recognizes Canada’s contribution to the evolution of country music and features Mr. Hunter along with kd lang, Renée Martel, Hank Snow and Shania Twain – 5 of the most unique voices in Canada’s country music history.